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If you haven't already done so, you are invited to join the [iona] discussion list.

Subscription will grant:

  • receiving news about concerts, and events in real time
  • receiving news about our site
  • chatting and discussing about Iona related arguments
  • reporting interesting related sites
  • ....and with your cooperation, much more!
[iona] is an open unmoderated list: this means that it's possible to freely subscribe, unsubscribe and send messages.

Messages with the following features will cause the permanent unsubscription of the sender:

  • messages containing insults, personal attacks, coarse speech
  • off topic messages
  • commercial messages or SPAM
  • "Can you look at my web site and tell me if you like it?"
  • messages containing attachments (if you have any interesting files to distribute, please send a message to the list to announce this option. Interested people will contact you directly.)
Basic guidelines:
  • Messages must be of interest to all subscribers. (if you feel your message is a personal answer, write it to the private address of the original sender)
  • Limit your post daily and do not write just "I agree" or "good thought".
  • When you answer a post, quote only important sentences and not the entire message.
  • Post to the list with the same address you subscribed. We will not be able to forward bounced messages for this reason.
  • DO NOT post with rich-text. Use only plain text.
  • DO NOT send more than once the same message.
  • If you change E-mail address, please unsubscribe with the old address and resubscribe with the new one.
This list is, from time to time, sponsored by the service owner ( Musictus and the list moderators disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy or ownership of material submitted to the [iona] Discussion List.

All subscription requests will be confirmed with E-mail. You must reply to the confirmation E-mail to be subscribed.

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