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Children of Exile
(1990, Word Publishing)

(1990, Nelson Word)


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  • Compassion
  • Ecclesiastes 12
  • Goodbye October
  • Hide Me in Your Shadow
  • Out of the Deep
  • Psalm 139
  • Your Way to Me
  • In Pastures Green
  • The Lord's My Shepherd
  • Carry Me in Your Heart
  • Psalm 131
  • Compassion (reprise)
  • Within Me
  • Father
  • They Shall Be Comforted
  • Revelation 21
  • No More Tears
Kiss the Tears
(1992, Nelson Word)

Kiss the Tears

  • Roller Coaster
  • No-One On Earth
  • Come Alive
  • Bullet In The Mother's Womb
  • Coverdale
  • Nothing We Can Do From Here
  • Where You Are
  • Why Does It Have To Be This Way
  • Love Speaks In Silence
  • Favourite Song
  • All Will Be Well
Adrian Snell - Live at Flevo
(1992, Nelson Word)

We Want To Live
(1992, Nelson Word)

We Want To Live

  • Roads To Zion
  • Streams In The Desert
  • Dance Of The Nation
  • Diplomat Cocktail
  • Reporters Scene
  • The Nations Rage And Fall
  • Death Camp
  • Lament
  • We Want To Live
  • Until Your Time Comes
  • Pas De Deux (Isaiah 49:15-18/ If I Were Intro)
  • Roads To Zion (Part Two)
  • God's Beloved
  • Political Talk
  • Streams In The Desert
Beautiful... or what?!
(1993, Nelson Word)

Beautiful... or what?!

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  • One of the Stars
  • The Toast
  • The Viewing of the Gifts
  • Touch Eternity
  • You Never Seem To Learn
  • Handicap
  • Homocystinuria Aria
  • Kiss The Child Goodbye
  • Always The Best of Friends
  • Birthday
  • One of the Stars (reprise)
  • You Must Never
  • Normal (in the photograph)
  • One of the Stars (piano solo)
  • Beautiful
  • With the Sun on Her Wings (prelude)
  • Watch this Space in the Human Race
  • Silence
  • With the Sun on Her Wings
(1994, Nelson Word)


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  • Roads To Zion .wav
  • Burdens of Guilt
  • There's a Song in the Air
  • Coverdale .wav
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • Kaddish for Bergen Belsen
  • The Last Supper
  • Golgotha
  • Mourning into Dancing
  • Moments in Eternity
  • Portrait (for Margaret)
  • One of the Stars
  • With the Sun on her Wings
  • Eva's Song
  • City of Peace
  • After the Fire
City of Peace - Moriah
(1995, Alliance Music)

City of Peace - Moriah

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  • Prayer For Travellers
  • The Covenant/Lift up Your Eyes
  • Shema (Hear! O Israel)
  • City Of Peace
  • Over The City
  • O Yerushalayim
  • On A Night Of Rain In Jerusalem
  • Night
  • Moriah
  • Day of Atonement/Lamb of God
  • City of Peace (solo)
  • Feed my Lambs
  • You
City of Peace - My Every Breath
(1996, Alliance Music)

City of Peace - My Every Breath

  • City of Peace (reprise)
  • My Every Breath
  • The Cry
  • Night 2
  • To Israel in Exile
  • Lion of Judah
  • The Journey Home
  • Lift Up Your Eyes
  • Children of the Dream
  • Like a Child that is Quieted is My Soul
  • Shalom
  • City of Peace
  • I Believe
City of Peace - A Journey to the Roots of My Faith
(1996, Monarch Publications)

City of Peace - the book

The book is written by the Reverend Charles Stewart (precentor of Winchester Cathedral) with Adrian Snell.
It offers a reflective and challenging exploration of this subject, using the poetry and themes from the two albums as its foundation.
Light of the World
(October 1996, Serious Music UK) details

Light of the World

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  • Light of the World - Part 1
  • From Ancient Times
  • Love in My Life
  • The Promise
  • How Can I Explain?
  • What A Love!
  • What Do You Mean A Baby?
  • All For Nothing
  • Joseph's Dream
  • My Heart Sings
  • Journey To Bethlehem/No Room, We're Full
  • Look At Us Now
  • The Warning/Kill All The Children
  • Simeon's Song/Son Of The World
  • Light of the World - Part 2
City of Peace (2-CD)

City of Peace

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My Heart Shall Journey
The Best of Adrian Snell

(1997, Nelson Word)

My Heart Shall Journey

  • Road To Zion (instrumental)
  • Where You Are
  • Love Speaks in Silence Real Audio
  • Guns of Peace
  • Feed the Hungry Heart
  • Nothing We Can Do From Here
  • Beautiful Real Audio
  • With The Sun On Her Wings (prelude, instrumental)
  • Fear
  • If I Were .wav
  • Coverdale (instrumental)
  • Roller Coaster
  • Why Does It Have To Be This Way?
  • I Am The Way!
  • Alpha and Omega
  • No More Tears
Intimate Strangers
(1998, Serious Music)

Intimate Strangers

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  • Come In From The Cold Real Audio
  • Traveller In Time Real Audio
  • This Close To You Real Audio
  • Music And Madness Real Audio
  • Ghosts Real Audio
  • Infants and Angels Real Audio
  • Fire and Ice Real Audio
  • Where Your River Flows Real Audio
  • Sure and Certain Love Real Audio
  • Do Not Go Getle Into The Night Real Audio
  • Intimate Strangers Real Audio
The Early Years (3-CD)
(1999, Serious Music)

The Early Years

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