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European Tour 20.11. - 25.12.1997

It is now nearly 1 ˝ decades ago, since he has been touring in the countries of the western and mid-Europe, the so-called Godfather of Gospel Music. Nevertheless he still belongs to the most busy persons world-wide of that business as musician, entertainer, songwriter and music-producer. Especially in Scandinavia, Japan and in the United States the people have not yet forgotten, that he was the one who brought with his albums, his songs, his GRAMMY awards and his countless TV-shows international popularity to Gospelmusic.
Beside that, in the standard music-lexica Edwin Hawkins is defined as the inventor of the Contemporary Gospel Music. With that kind of music, he managed to blow the dust off that incredible dynamic music.

Edwin Hawkins choir In times of increasing Gospel-fever in concerthalls and choirs of different countries, it is now time for this year´s autumn-tour of Edwin Hawkins, his legendary singers, a first-class-band and strings. Short before the tour, Edwin Hawkins will release his new album.

Edwin Hawkins became world-famous through his Evergreen Oh happy day, that was the first and up to now only Nr-1-Hit in the history of Gospelmusic. The 2-track-recording with its first edition of 500 copies became evergreen and myth in 1969 over night. With more than 7 million copies sold, until today it is the most successful Gospelalbum of all times. Edwin Hawkins has been awarded with 4 GRAMMYs for this and other albums. Since then, many million Hawkins-albums have been sold and Edwin Hawkins received quite a number of different awards. The enthusiastic press-critics after several test-concerts in 1996 in Italy and Germany said "...a voice like Nat King Cole" or "The Elvis Presley of Gospel Music".

When there is nowadays a growing gospel-scene in the USA and many other countries, than it is not at least the achievement of this gentleman. Also pop music is nowadays strongly influenced through gospel-elements and comes back to some basic thoughts of this reformer of Gospelmusic.

No doubt about it: Edwin Hawkins is the biggest name in today's Gospelmusic. Some years ago, in the USA a special "Edwin Hawkins day" was celebrated in Washington D.C. and some other cities to honour the grand world-star, without whom no music-lexicon can exist and that wrote music-history in a way as only very few fellow-artists did. Nevertheless he stayed "on the floor", because he knows about the ups and downs in showbiz.

Beside his world-wide concert-activities (in the last time with Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle and others) he is caring about young talents with his "Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar". More than 1000 Gospelchoirs in Scandinavia and ca. 10.000 similar groups in the USA cling to their ideal Edwin Hawkins, when they do not mind to play Heavy-Gospel, change traditional Gospel-scores to Hiphop-rhythms or try out similar interesting crossover-variants. More than 5000 highly talented young and active participants are gathering every summer the seminar-site at Florida to get coached by Edwin Hawkins and others highly qualified colleagues..

Therefore it is normal, that the audience of the Edwin Hawkins concerts consists beside the traditional middle-aged Gospel-audience also of a big part of young people. The personality of this great artist attracts people of all ages and all backgrounds. They feel, that here is much more going on than playing "covers of folklore". Living music-history is happening in these concerts!


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